About Us

Advance International Inc. was conceived from the desire to produce a nutritionally superior food product to fight world hunger and malnutrition. Hence, Advance International developed and patented a unique, scalable, and highly efficient manufacturing technology that is also green, environmentally friendly, and generates low-to-zero waste. The end product is a nutritionally superior marine based protein powder (called APP) for human consumption from abundant sustainable fish and fish parts. This safe and pharmaceutical style manufacturing technology produces high quality marine protein powder and Omega-3 Oil. APP is a highly pure protein – it is flavorless, odorless, non-hygroscopic (stable), and it’s 98% digestible.

APP is a perfect protein and a friend to the environment. The manufacturing process has a minuscule carbon footprint with no need for massive fresh water resources, pesticides, acids, genetic modifications, and land use (like most other animal & plant proteins). APP is an alternative natural and sustainable supplemental protein that the world needs to meet the expected 60% increase in food supply demand by 2050 (United Nations 06-2012 report).