Protein-PowderAdvance Protein Powder:

APP is a superior marine-based protein product with the potential to be deployed on a global scale. A new formula synthesized from highly pure fish protein, it is flavorless, odorless, and non-hygroscopic (stable). Free from bacteria, it is 98.1% digestible within just an hour of intake or consumption.

APP’s All Natural Fish Protein Powder Concentrate is extremely stable and has a long shelf life (5 years+ tested) with high compositions of naturally occurring organic minerals and a complete amino acid profile – which has a wide number of critical applications and therapeutic uses. For instance:

  • Rapidly reversing the effects of severe malnutrition in children and adults in global hotspots
  • Clinical use in physical therapy settings to assist in bone and tissue growth after injury and surgery
  • As a nutritional supplement and calcium source for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • As a superior protein source in a hospital setting
  • Major global markets such as heath & fitness (protein bars, shakes, drinks, powders), food ingredient protein additives, cosmetics & healthy pet food
  • RUTF & RUSF (ready to eat food for the 3rd world)
  • Alternative, perfect protein burger substitute

Other products derived from Advance International’s patented manufacturing process are:


Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 Oil

As a result of Advance International’s patented manufacturing process pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 Oil is produced. Pure Omega-3 oil has a $28 billion market and is proven to:

  • Support Heart Health
  • Promote Cognitive Health