A Perfect Omega®

APO - A Perfect Omega® is an ultra-pure, minimally processed, omega-rich triglyceride oil, extracted from 100% wild, certified sustainable ocean fish.

Unlike most omega-3 oils, APO is made entirely from food-grade  fish from the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest, making it uniquely suited for optimal human health and performance. We use unique, patented extraction technology and a proprietary low-temperature refining process, which further preserves the health properties of this natural oil from catch to packaging.

  • Balanced DHA and EPA levels

  • Made in California, USA

  • Ultra pure & minimally processed

  • Made from 100% wild, certified sustainable fish

Unique Characteristics

APO is naturally void of environmental contaminants such as PCBs and dioxins, so there’s no need for molecular distillation treatment.

It's not exposed to chemical reactions such as neutralization of acid activated clays. No ‘debris’ is generated during heating, such as trans fatty acids, polymers or undesired polar materials. There’s no "burp effect" because there is no deterioration of the oil, which would result from high temperatures and exposure to air.


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