The Benefits of Ocean-Based Protein

One of the world’s healthiest protein sources comes from the ocean. It is the largest global biomass, virtually accessible from all corners of the world. There are various fish species that are abundant and sustainable, and fish are the healthiest protein source on the planet.

The nutritional benefits of fish are quite unique. Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that has been proven to provide a range of health benefits. Seafood provides the body with many vitamins and essential nutrients which keep our bodies running smoothly.

Fish also contains a complete amino acid profile to assure optimal healthy development of the brain, bones and whole body. In fact, fish has higher nutrient and protein value than any other type of protein available. In short, fish is a complete protein source.

Although fish is generally accessible, for many people the regular intake of the beneficial protein in this superfood has been limited to consuming fish prepared for meals. Advance International, Inc. has finally introduced a premium product that's revolutionizing the alternative protein industry: APP - A Perfect Protein®.


"Seafood is truly one of the world's renewable are astonishingly fecund and resilient."

- Andy Sharpless, Author of The Perfect Protein: The Fish Lover's Guide to Saving the Oceans & Feeding the World

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The Healthy Choice

Studies show that wild ocean fish provide us with one of the best sources of protein for human health and nutrition.

Our product has undergone an extensive animal study titled "Advance International Brain, Body & Bone Research Fund", conducted independently by the College of Public Health & Human Sciences at Oregon State University. The study showed APP positively impacted major areas related to brain, body, bones, muscle, and heart health.

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