Our Story

Pledge to Humanity Family Photo (1)

Mazi & Gaby Ghorbani and their family have always had a special place in their hearts for children around the globe. They have long been involved in philanthropy, working to make a difference in their community and around the globe. The Ghorbanis were especially concerned when they discovered that over 5 million children died every year from acute malnutrition around the world, according to the United Nations. Mazi and Gaby vowed to do something about it.

Mazi began to research the issue and possible remedies, and discovered that protein deficiency was a root cause of all the suffering and deaths. He quickly realized that if a food aid product could be made from a pure and rapidly digestible protein, it could be given to children suffering late stage malnutrition, potentially saving many lives. Fish protein was known to be one of the best all-natural and sustainable alternative protein raw materials, but when Mazi sought out a large scale manufacturer that produced this fish protein source, he was surprised to find that none existed. So, he decided to do it himself.

Mazi developed APP (A Perfect Protein®) and Advance International, Inc, and set out to develop a 21st century fish protein and Omega-oil manufacturing technology, with the goal of creating a natural and sustainable protein to provide complete nutrition.

After a decade of global research and development, the successful development of the world's first fully scalable global manufacturing system is here. The SEAVIOR® system by Advance International is poised to drastically disrupt global protein production and Omega-oil extraction. The possibilities are endless— with global impacts on industries like nutraceuticals, baby foods, protein-enriched food, humanitarian relief, geriatric foods, sports nutrition and much more—with innovative technology that was never possible before.

Now, Advance International is ready to help, thanks to successful development of the manufacturing technology and multiple global patents. Their signature product, A Perfect Protein®, is not only good for the body, it's good for the environment too. Advance International is now working to FEED THE WORLD AND PROTECT OUR PLANET.