About Advance International

Much attention has been given to protein, its roles in the human body and its benefits to athletes and non-athletes alike. As the demand for alternative protein surges, resulting from both a growing world population and greater appreciation for the benefits of protein products, the effects placed on our resources and environment has exposed a risk to the sustainability and security of our food supply. The heightened interest on such negative externalities has highlighted a need for innovation and a movement toward sustainable sources of protein that lessen the burden on our ecosystem.

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APP – A Perfect Protein® is the world's most sustainable & nutritious protein. Made in California (USA) from 100% certified sustainable premium wild ocean fish, APP® is superior in nutritional quality, containing 92% fish protein isolate PLUS natural collagen and minerals (all-in-1, no additives). APP - A Perfect Protein® is a unique, patented food & supplement ingredient with a bland flavor profile that offers manufacturers a competitive advantage and flexibility for use in many different formulations.

Who We Are - Our Team

We're a team of entrepreneurs, humanitarians, food scientists, materials scientists, process engineers, and more. We have a passion for sustainability and responsible, healthy living, and we believe that marine protein is the way forward for creating a green food system and ending malnutrition.

Our Story - The Founder

Learn more about Advance International's philanthropic background and our company's mission. Read the story of our founder's search for solutions and a better approach to the tragedy of world hunger,

What We Do - Our Products

We have developed multiple patent-pending manufacturing technologies, resulting in world-class food and nutraceutical products. We specialize in healthy and sustainable ingredients for your formulating needs.