A Perfect Protein

A Perfect Protein® - A new, innovative protein ingredient.

APP – A Perfect Protein® is the world's most sustainable & nutritious protein. Made in California (USA) from 100% certified sustainable premium wild ocean fish, APP® is superior in nutritional quality, containing 92% fish protein isolate PLUS natural collagen and minerals (all-in-1, no additives). APP - A Perfect Protein® is a unique, patented food & supplement ingredient with a bland flavor profile that offers manufacturers a competitive advantage and flexibility for use in many different formulations.

The nutritional benefits of fish are quite unique, with a higher nutrient and protein value than any other protein source. Its complete amino acid profile assures optimal development of the brain, bones, and body. Throughout history, intake of the beneficial protein in this superfood has been limited to eating fish prepared for meals. Now, Advance International provides an alternative form of delivery for consumers to access this complete protein.

With its impressive protein content and sustainable sourcing, APP® meets and exceeds the ‘gold standards’ of a pure, premium protein. No additional ingredients, alterations, or artificial additives. Those with dietary restrictions can enjoy the benefits of a protein powder that's free of dairy, wheat, or soy. A Perfect Protein® is a wholesome, nutritious ingredient with a wide range of application potential.

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Researched & Tested

Our product has gone through an extensive animal study conducted independently by the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University. In addition to confirming the safety of our ingredient, the study also showed APP – A Perfect Protein® positively impacted major areas related to the health of the brain, body, bones, muscle, and heart.

Low in calories and high in nutritional value, APP® will help consumers meet the FDA and the American Heart Association’s recommended 2-3 servings of fish per week. APP® helps promote heart health, bone density, and muscle mass, as well as sharper cognitive functions and stabilized moods.

The Oregon State University Food Innovation Center developed over 50 products using APP® as the hero ingredient, and conducted a thorough review by a panel of experts. The purpose of the event was to assess the culinary potential of A Perfect Protein® by evaluating sample prototypes for sensory attributes, consumer research, and market potential. The expert panel spoke positively on our protein’s taste, vast functionality, countless applications, and its overall success in the many recipe prototypes. The final conclusion of the experts was that APP® may be the best protein ingredient to ever be offered.

Sustainably Sourced & Produced

A Perfect Protein comes from the most sustainable source in the world: the ocean. It's the largest global biomass, containing over 200 fish species worldwide that are certified abundant and sustainable.

Our eco-friendly facility is the first of its kind in the world, producing low-to-zero waste and a miniscule carbon footprint. The patented technology system is poised to change the manufacturing landscape for generations to come. The ingredients we produce offer food & supplement manufacturers a unique competitive edge, paving the way for groundbreaking new products.

  • No Fresh Water, Harsh Chemicals or Harmful Additives
  • Low-To-Zero Manufacturing Waste
  • Extremely Small Carbon Footprint
  • Most Sustainable Protein Commercially Available
  • Sourced from 100% wild, certified sustainable ocean fish
  • Industry Certified and Compliant
  • Non-GMO Project Verified™
  • Patented, Disruptive, Green Technology Process


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Give your product a competitive edge with A Perfect Protein®

Advance International invites you to consider this revolutionary protein ingredient for your formulations. APP® is sold in 20kg bags and 725 kg super sacks. Contact us to find out about order minumums, availability and pricing.