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An innovative marine protein powder, now available commercially as an ingredient.

Advance International produces truly sustainable ingredients that enrich the global food supply chain, and we've created a premium protein powder that's poised to revolutionize the ingredient landscape. Developed for use in foods, beverages, and nutritional products, A Perfect Protein® is made from a single source -- small, 100% Wild Oceanic, abundant and certified sustainable fish.

A Perfect Protein (APP) ® is a virtually odorless and tasteless protein with a complete amino acid profile, high protein content (>90) and other positive charateristics. APP® offers unique benefits to manufacturers who utilize proteins in their formulations, and it is a valued ingredient for a wide array of applications including savory snacks, dietary supplements, beverage applications and more! Several university-led studies have concluded that APP® may be the best protein to ever be offered as an ingredient.

APP® is manufactured in an eco-friendly process that doesn’t use ANY scarce resources, like fresh water, harsh chemicals or arable land, and is, in fact, the most pure, sustainable alternative protein powder commercially available. That means more land to grow our fruits and veggies, a lessened burden on our scarce water supply, and a more efficient food system. Plus, research shows that APP generates a remarkably lower carbon footprint than every other major protein source!

Check out the differences in resource use when manufacturing one pound of finished protein:

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If you'd like to learn more about A Perfect Protein® or Advance International, we invite you to visit us at Booth #5321 at any time during the expo dates to learn more about our products. Or, if you would prefer to arrange a specific meeting time, please let us know!


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Delivering continual improvements to the food supply chain from an environmental, economic and societal perspective;


Promoting health-supportive practices and ingredients that nurture and revitalize human health, and strengthen human connections to food, planet and one another


Making it possible for all people everywhere to eat healthy food and benefit from the fruits of a good food system.


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Join us for a brief presentation on Friday, November 9th @ 1:05pm PST in the Esca Bona Pavilion, and learn more about how we're enriching the global food supply chain.