Advance International Emerging as Game Changer in the High Tech Food Industry

The term “high tech” no longer applies only to phones and computers. Many industries are using technology to stay on the cutting edge, most notably, the food industry. The news is full of exciting innovations designed to feed the world’s ever-growing population, and investors are flocking to disrupt the food science and agriculture industries.

As an all-natural, nutritionally superior, marine-based protein powder, Advance Protein Powder (APP) is ready to make waves in the food industry. The developer of APP, Advance International, Inc., is a Bay Area start-up company that has invented a patented, scalable manufacturing process for producing, for the first time, an all natural, tasteless, odorless powder derived from sustainable fish. Research has long ago proven that fish protein is superior to whey and soy but, until now, the strong taste and odor limited the application of fish-based protein to animal feed and other non-human consumption products. As a non-GMO, fat and cholesterol free product, this breakthrough has significant implications for the health & fitness, alternative meat and healthcare markets.

Mazi Ghorbani, CEO, states that AI has developed a scalable, mass production disruptive technology that food industry giants have attempted but not yet achieved. Utilizing innovative pharmaceutical processes with more economical food industry production methods, AI has the ability to set up skid- or vessel-mounted production facilities, making the process particularly suitable for global applications, with the flexibility to be near the fish source. Further, the process has a green, environmentally friendly carbon footprint with near zero waste, utilizing either abundant fish or portions of the catch that are typically wasted.

The market for protein powder exceeds $25 billion globally, so AI expects to be well received as it seeks its first round of funding. Major Silicon Valley venture capitalists are aware of the shortcomings of current market offerings. Approximately 93% of soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified, according to a 2012 study (Fernandez-Cornejo). Whey products, like the milk they are produced from, can contain growth hormones and antibiotics, not to mention herbicides and pesticides found in cattle feedstocks. Yet animal based protein continues to be considered the most “complete” protein, with more of the essential amino acids the human body needs. AI believes its fish protein powder, with a complete amino acid composition relative to vegetable protein yet without the chemical, fat, and cholesterol risks of most animal proteins, and breakthrough absence of fishy flavor and taste, is the answer for disrupting this very large food supplement market.

AI intends to serve the demand for protein powder in the developed world while also addressing humanitarian needs for single-packet-per-day protein products served by organizations such as USAID and UNICEF in areas where malnutrition is rampant.

To learn more about Advance International, Inc. and its patented product, Advance Protein Powder, please give us a call at 925-344-5877 ext 101 or email Mazi Ghorbani at

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