Advance Protein turns to sustainable seafood for the “perfect protein.”

13 May 2021 — A Perfect Protein (APP), launched by Advance Protein, is positioned as one of the world’s most nutrient-dense and sustainable products, which could help fight world hunger.

Made from 100 percent sustainable ocean fish, the ingredient has been found to promote heart health, bone density, muscle mass, sharper cognitive functions and to be a mood stabilizer, according to the company.

Moreover, its low calorie value and high nutritional value will help consumers meet the US Food and Drug Administration’s and the American Heart Association’s recommended serving of two to three servings of fish per week. 

The powder contains 92 percent fish protein (isolate), minerals and natural collagen.

Different from other proteins?
APP has gone through an extensive animal study that was conducted by the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University to investigate its nutritional value.

The product has complete amino acids and this ensures the healthy development of the brain, bones and body.

This product can also be used in a wide array of meals because of its bland flavor.

APP has a low carbohydrate value and contains no artificial additives or alterations. The product is also free from growth hormones, trans-fat, wheat, dairy and soy. Therefore, people with dietary restrictions can use it too. A Perfect Protein, with its global outlook, helps to tackle world hunger.

Mazi Ghorbani, founder and CEO of Advance Protein, tells NutritionInsight that there are a few other large companies that also produce fish protein. 

“However, all are using a different manufacturing and extraction process that requires lots of fresh water supply, which is already a scarce resource on Earth.”

“Other companies use consumable acids in their process that then must be treated with the wastewater and discharged back into the environment. Our Seavior system does not require this action.”

Ghorbani added: “We are excited to offer the over 90 percent of the population that are flexitarians, pescatarians, healthy and environmentally conscious people a clean label, wholesome, nutritious and truly sustainable protein source alternative protein. They can mix it with their food or their shakes to provide the right nutrients for the brain, body and bones.”

A Perfect Protein, with its global outlook, helps to tackle world hunger.

Sizing environmental credentials up to plant-based
The product varies from plant-based proteins with regard to its sustainability methods. The company argues that plant-based proteins need a large quantity of arable land, fresh water, pesticides and fertilizers.

The use of 100 percent certified and sustainable fish as a protein product makes it more environmentally friendly, Advance Protein claims.

APP is sourced from wild- caught ocean fish from fisheries that have been certified by MSC (Marine Steward-ship Council).

The company has developed a patented technology system called Seavior that produces a scientific measure of sustainable fishing. APP without the use of fresh water or chemical consumption.

Ghorbani states: “Our Patented Seavior system allows for responsible, traceable and truly sustainable use of our ocean’s vast resources and eliminates tons of waste.”

“In addition to wild-caught fish being one of the most carbon-efficient foods on the planet, according to the world-renowned University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, no ocean fish has ever gone extinct due to commercial fishing.”

A fishing system without waste?
Ghorbani added: “We currently use sustainable Pacific whiting fish as our protein base, but have the ability to use any fish source –  this is what is so exciting about our proprietary Seavior system.”

“We developed the Seavior processing method to reduce fish into a virtually tasteless, odorless powder that maintains the macro and micronutrient profile of seafood. Our alternative protein can be mixed into soups, sauces, drinks or smoothies; baked with; or processed into other foods like pasta, noodles, burgers and meat substitutes.”

Seavior produces less environmental damage compared to other protein-generating systems that require natural resources.

APP uses 1 kWh of electricity per lb of product as compared to 52 kWh per lb used in producing beef protein powder.

In terms of CO2 emission, APP produces 2 lb of CO2 emissions per lb of APP as compared to the beef protein powder that generates 64 lb of CO2 emissions per lb of product

The new technology system aims to change the manufacturing landscape for decades to come, the company notes.

Humanitarian efforts
APP is positioned as a contributor toward food security on a global scale.

Advance Protein created the Protein-4-Kids program to fight malnutrition and world hunger.

The company donates one child’s daily meal for every kg of APP sold.

Ghorbani says: “The potential is limitless. Turning 25 million tons of wasted fish into food products will radically change the world. Eliminating food waste is an important part of making the planet sustainable; our plan to eliminate wasted fish and turn it into delicious food products for consumers will reduce unsustainable bycatch and provide added income to fishermen.”

by Nicole Kerr 

Source: Nutrition Insight

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