Advance Protein’s SEAVIOR® System is poised to revolutionize the food system with marine based ingredients that are produced in the most sustainable way possible.

Our marine-protein powder, A Perfect Protein (APP®), is produced solely from 100% certified sustainable wild-caught ocean fish from the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest. The fish used in the formulation of APP® are not products of any farming system nor are they given any kind of growth hormone. We are excited to see that the USDA is looking into creating organic standards for wild-caught fish, ensuring that our customers are getting the healthiest seafood and the most sustainable protein on the market.

APP® is gently produced at our own large-scale, FDA-certified facility located in Northern California. Our patented SEAVIOR® System is the new wave of the future, as it generates no waste and requires no fresh water in the production process. Given its minimal carbon footprint, the SEAVIOR® System is the most environmentally-friendly protein extraction system on the planet.

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