Animal protein, ocean-based protein or plant-based protein – which is better? Let’s break down the science.

Protein is one of the best supplements you can take but it is important to fuel your body with high-quality protein powder. There are many different protein sources out there and it is important to look at the science behind it.

A high-quality protein depends on the amount of protein per serving, protein digestibility and amino acid content. More specifically, the essential amino acids (EAAs). Your body can produce many amino acids on its own, but you need to get the essential amino acids through your diet to function properly. Every source of protein has a different amino acid profile. The amino acid composition determines how beneficial a protein is. Any protein that contains all nine essential amino acids is known as a complete protein.

APP® – A Perfect Protein powder contains every essential amino acid making it a complete protein. 

Consumer perception of plant-based remains ‘positive’, believing plant-based products are healthier than animal products.

Plant-based eating is not automatically healthy. Some of these plant-based alternatives are nutritionally unbalanced and highly processed. It is important to not look where marketers want you to look, check the science behind it.

Many of the plant-based protein isolate options out there are not complete proteins. The blended plant-based proteins at retails are usually PDCAAS 1.0. Manufacturers need to mix different sources of plant-based protein together in order to get a complete set of amino acids or add synthetically derived amino acids to have the nine essential amino acids and protein content in-line with animal proteins. 

Unlike most of other plant-based protein, soy is a complete protein, but it is the second largest agricultural driver of deforestation worldwide according to the World Wide Fund (WWF). Many soy crops are GMOs. Additionally, there are some research studies showing that soy protein could potentially affect sperm quality and quantity in men.

APP® – A Perfect Protein has more micronutrients than whey protein.

Whey protein comes from dairy source. If you have dairy allergies, sensitive stomach, lactose intolerance or follow a pescatarian/flexitarian lifestyle, whey is not the option for you. Whey protein is a complete protein source and one of the most popular protein powder supplements among athletes and body builders.

Increase concern of welfare on dairy farms may be the reason consumers are looking for other protein sources. APP® is extracted from 100% certified sustainable wild ocean fish.

The composition, density, and availability of APP® is about the same as whey protein isolate but outperforms whey when it comes to micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Seafood contains high concentrations of hard-to-get minerals like magnesium and zinc. It contains as much potassium as a banana! And, best of all, these vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring, not added to our product, so they are more easily absorbed. Compared to whey, APP® offers the same protein benefits, but much better health outcomes due to higher mineral content. It is also lactose-free, easy on the stomach, and shelf stable, unlike whey.

From an environmental perspective, APP® – A Perfect Protein is more sustainable than plant-based or animal-based proteins.

Plant-based proteins require tremendous amounts of freshwater and land, while whey is especially high in carbon emissions. Using sustainable fish as our protein source gives us a clear environmental advantage over other protein supplements.

The unique health benefits of APP® were even studied by scientists from Oregon State University researching the most efficient and cost-effective way to remedy malnutrition in children. They tested APP® against several other types of protein supplementation and concluded that it was the most effective. They published two peer-reviewed scientific papers you can read for yourself here and here.

Since then, we have made ending child malnutrition one of our top priorities. Every bit of protein you buy from us supplements a child in need.


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