APP (A Perfect Protein) Product Review: The Ultimate Dietary Protein

With enough sleep, exercise, stress management, and a healthy diet, you can keep your immune system in tip-top shape. But, sometimes, we need a kick in the right direction, especially with the ongoing pandemic. We must boost our immunity as much as possible to give our system a fighting chance against those invading pathogens. For that, supplements are the go-to choice.

Countless immune-boosting supplements claim to provide remarkable results. But there is one problem. Almost all manufacturers are relying on land-based proteins to create their formulas. However, very few realize what that is doing to our planet.
All the resources we have on land are being overtaxed. To make a plant-based protein supplement, you would need to rely on machinery, fuel, chemicals, fresh water and constant land use. This ends up creating massive wastes.

That’s where APP® (A Perfect Protein) comes into play. Instead of using the land, APP® obtains all the resources from the ocean. This creates the ultimate long-term preservation tactic that can save the planet. That’s why we decided to give it a try. Here is a detailed review of the APP and all the benefits it can offer. So, let’s get right to it.

What Is A Perfect Protein (APP®), Exactly?

A Perfect Protein (APP®) is a top-quality, wild fish-based protein powder that might be the ultimate immune booster. It’s a very stable supplement with up to three years of ambient shelf life.
The best thing about this protein powder is that it has almost no taste or smell. The idea behind this supplement was to create a sustainable and green product that would need no refrigeration or special handling and had a long shelf life with ease of distribution and minimal flavor/aroma impact. That’s exactly what Advance International Inc., the company behind the APP®, managed to achieve. They’ve created an ocean-sourced, environmentally friendly protein supplement with a very low carbon footprint.

APP Protein Powder


➢ Did you know: most of the food and supplements come from terrestrial food production? This is the biggest driver of habitat and biodiversity loss on the planet.
➢ Ocean-based protein sources have a much better and more sustainable environmental profile than any terrestrial plant-based or animal-based protein.
APP® can be sourced from countless sustainable and top-quality wild marine sources. They use wild ocean fish like whiting, mackerel, and sardines. They can also make the most of bycatch, which are basically the fish that get caught in the net unintentionally. So, nothing needs to get discarded.
The product contains 92% fish protein, minerals without additives, and natural collagen. It is a natural source of:
- Calcium
- Potassium
- Magnesium
This marine protein is a unique product that can be used as a supplement ingredient. It offers some amazing flexibility and health benefits with every meal. It’s practical and versatile. You can mix it in protein shakes, Bloody Mary, Caesar dressing, shrimp chips, and more.
There is a reason why the manufacturers went for fish as their main ingredient. Fish has some amazing nutritional benefits—the better the protein and nutrient value, the stronger the formula. With fish, you are getting a superior balance of amino acids, which are critical for healthy bones, body, and brain development.
To top it all off, the APP® meets the gold standard of premium protein, with a PDCAAS perfect score of 1.0. In other words, you are getting an impressive amount of protein content.


✓ Features 100% ocean-sourced
✓ Excellent formula
✓ High nutritional value
✓ Sustainable wild oceanic certified
✓ GMO-free
✓ No growth hormones or antibiotics
✓ Free of pesticides and lactose
✓ Very low-carb
✓ Processed and packed in USA, California

APP® (A Perfect Protein) Health Benefits

Before you can make the most of this product, you need to know everything that it can offer in terms of health benefits. We analyzed all the available research and decided to share the data with you. Here are the benefits the APP® can provide.

APP Benefits Table

1. Boosts Immune Response
According to research, adding a fish protein supplement to your diet can drastically improve your iron deficiency. When there is not enough iron in the system, the body lacks a proper immune response. By replenishing your iron sources, you boost immune cell maturation and proliferation, which will restore adequate immune response.

2. Healthy Growth
Based on animal trials, ocean-based proteins are packed with calcium. These are the key to improving bone growth and healthy bone development. Plus, calcium is crucial for regulating nerve function, heartbeat, and blood pressure. There were no side effects found during testing.

3. Bone Health
Results show that APP® is a safe and effective protein source for ensuring bone development in APP® diet-fed mice. The analysis of the tissue and blood samples collected demonstrated that the bone density and mineral content improved after using the product. The calcium can also help with teeth, gut, lung, and skin tissue.

4. Cognition
Behavioral testing in mice, with the use of a Morris water maze, showed this protein supplement could be beneficial for brain function, cognition, and memory. In cued trials, experts also analyzed visual acuity, physical ability, and motivation.

5. Muscle Repair
The amino acids are important for muscle repair and build. With APP®, you are getting plenty of these nutrients that can support muscle development.

6. Weight Loss
Calcium is closely linked with weight loss and regulation and APP® has plenty of calcium. But what makes the APP® unique is its low molecular weight proteins. The product is easy on the stomach, and the body can digest it without a problem. So, it won’t compromise your digestive ability or enzyme production like other products may.


APP® in meals or snacks can be a practical option for preventing moderate or severe malnutrition. Since it is nearly odorless and tasteless, anyone can use it to enhance the protein intake in their diet in a wide variety of foods. It is made from high-quality sources and has a low carbon footprint. That’s why the APP® could be the ideal new source of protein that can get rid of protein malnutrition. Plus, all the nutrients it contains make it ideal for immune support.


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