Benefits of Incorporating Advance Protein Powder into Product Recipes

earth1 What if you could boost product sales with the highest quality protein powder while at the same time reducing costs, increasing efficiency, becoming more environmentally friendly, and offering a superior product Does it sound too good to be true? Please read on for an explanation…

Protein powder is one of the most controversial products on the market today for human consumption, often being derived from whey, soy, or grain by-products, which can cause severe allergies and other side effects. These lesser quality proteins may even cause more harm than good. For example, soy contains phytic acids, which can bind to essential minerals such as calcium and zinc, preventing them from being absorbed and used by the body. Advance Protein Powder (APP), manufactured and distributed by Advance International, Inc. is derived from all natural ocean fish, creating a high-impact, safe, pure protein powder from natural abundant, sustainable, and totally green resources that in many areas would be wasted in traditional fish processing. Fish protein is widely considered to be the best source of protein available on our planet.

The fishing industry has often been condemned for its wasteful practices, which often cause as much as 40% (Oceana 3/14 report) of global fishing yield to be wasted, often discarded back into the ecosystem creating a dangerous aquatic environment for the future, and often being stored at high economic and environmental expense using vast amounts of refrigerated space and transportation. The process behind Advance Protein Powder all but eliminates waste through a refining process that allows 99% of raw fish to be used for human consumption.

This environmentally friendly method of dispensing with unwanted, yet eco-friendly, harvested fish, and fish products increases efficiency across the board, resulting in an inexpensive, sustainable source of high quality protein for your products. The process of refining Advance Protein Powder not only utilizes 99% of raw fish, but also has a small carbon footprint and uses no environmentally unfriendly chemicals, does not require expensive water treatment plants or valuable fresh water source for its process. The savings from this process can help your bottom line while passing savings along to your customers and retaining bragging rights for using environmentally best practices and 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten free, cholesterol-free and fat-free ingredients in your products.

Since the manufacturing process for Advance Protein Powder reduces fishing waste from 40% to less than 1%, and eliminates the need for costly storage and disposal methods normally employed by the fishing industry, it can be obtained less expensively
than other, inferior, protein products on the market today that require many supplemental synthetic additives that increase the overall cost of your product. APP’s proprietary patented technology has been certified by third party laboratories for its purity. It has also been tested and found to be a rich source of organic calcium, potassium, iron, and many other minerals. APP also contains a complete amino acid profile and additional beneficial nutritional components. It’s not just protein…it’s a super-food! Advance Protein Powder is an amazingly pure, odorless, tasteless protein. It is suitable for broad application in food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and as a nutritional supplement. In addition, Advance International is sourcing new methods, recipes, and packing that will allow APP to be an excellent resource for hunger relief, humanitarian aid packages with its long and stable shelf life. Consumer demand for protein-enhanced foods has grown in recent years as health science increasingly shows that protein is an excellent way to attain and remain at a healthy weight. It is a macronutrient essential to human development and the general public, body builders, and even astronauts use protein supplements to build and maintain healthy bodies.

In addition to its environmental friendliness and usefulness as a supplement in the human diet, Advance Protein Powder can be used as a source of protein for healthy pet food products as well. APP is an excellent way to boost protein and eliminate harmful elements from pet foods, which often contain allergens as filler ingredients and decrease vital protein content essential to dogs and cats that are primarily carnivores in need of high quality protein diets. With APP as a component in pet foods, filler products and costs can be reduced at the same time, resulting in a healthier pet diet.

Advance Protein Powder fulfills a need in the protein industry by providing an organic, pure protein product of the highest quality and using the best source of protein available. It reduces waste and drastically boosts the efficiency of the fishing industry while remaining environmentally sustainable. APP has the power to reduce protein supplement costs across the board in both human and pet consumption, leading to better financial returns with a superior, environmentally-friendly product, and increasing the global food supply by utilizing the most sustainable and green technology available
in today’s marketplace.

So we encourage you to make a difference – one recipe at a time! Use Advance Protein Powder™ and make the world a better place.