There are multiple factors driving the growth of meat alternative protein. These include concern for the environment, health and wellness, ethics and diversity in protein sourcing. The rise of “Flexitarians” is reinforcing the food industry to focus on the segment of consumers who are trying to reduce meat consumption rather than avoid it altogether.
It is estimated that as many as 47% of Americans, between ages 24 and 39, consider themselves Flexitarians. Consumers have not given up on beef burgers but are willing to mix things up every now and then. Plant-based products are popular among Vegans and Vegetarian, some experts believe that plant-based meat’s error may be the exact thing that was supposed to make it popular: its attempt to be indistinguishable from meat.
While fish is gaining attraction with Flexitarians. Fish is one of the healthiest foods we can eat. There are multiple health benefits of eating fish. It is an ordinary food with extraordinary benefits. It is packed with protein, minerals, low-calorie and zero-carb.
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Using 100% certified, sustainable fish as a protein source gives APP® a clear environmental advantage over other protein powders. APP®’s patented technology system requires no fresh water, harsh chemicals or synthetic enzyme hydrolysis. It produces low-to-zero waste and generates a much smaller carbon footprint than any other protein manufacturer. It is game-changing for food manufacturers.