Press Release January, 2nd 2023. Advance International, Inc. DBA Advance, announces Former UPS Global Public Affairs Director, Chip Meyers joining the company Board of Directors, focusing on global food security.

Chip Meyers

We are thrilled to announce the joining of our new Board Member, Mr. Chip Meyers to the Board of Directors at Advance International, Inc. DBA Advance

CHIP MEYERS, Global Public Affairs, Board of Directors.
Since retiring from UPS in 2018, my collaboration and investment in Advance International continues to grow. I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Board Member at Advance International, Inc., addressing hunger and food insecurity with APP - A Perfect Protein.

Advance International, Inc. DBA Advance, Patented Globally scalable, Ocean-Based Sustainable Alternative Protein manufacturing company in Livermore , California, USA.

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