Press Release January, 2nd 2023. Advance International, Inc. DBA Advance, announces Joseph Mies Founder of Muscle Foods-USA, joining AI to focus on  distribution, sport nutrition and food fortification of our patented ocean-based protein.


Press Release : January, 2nd 2023. Advance International, Inc. DBA Advance, Patented Globally scalable, Ocean-Based Sustainable Alternative Protein manufacturing company in Livermore , California, USA.
We at Advance International, Inc, are thrilled to announce that Mr. Joseph Mies, the former Vice President and Founder of Muscle Foods USA, is joining our Team, as our new Strategic Partnership and Commercialization Advisor / Board Member.

AI is pleased to announce that effective January 2, 2023, Joe Mies will be joining our company as an Advisory Board Member. Joe Mies has spent thirty years as an Executive in Sports Nutrition and Health Food Distribution for privately and publicly held corporations. He has worked in the C-Suite and started his own highly successful company, Muscle Foods USA.
According to Mr. Mies, “I was motivated to pursue a role at Advance International after meeting with Mazi Ghorbani, touring their facilities, and listening to their vision. I believe AI’s products and proprietary processes are groundbreaking. I’m excited to help introduce these processes and products to a wider audience. I am proud to help AI achieve its vision of a sustainable and low-environmental impact protein source that can not only achieve great commercial success in the functional foods space but also make a real impact in alleviating child malnutrition around the world”.

In addition to his work in Sports Nutrition and Distribution Joe was pleased to serve on the Board of Directors for Nutrisport Pharmacal, Inc. during their start-up and launch phase.

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