The Conservation Potential of Our Fish Protein Processing Facility

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Our SEAVIOR processing method has an extremely low environmental footprint. Rather than use harmful acids to breakdown fish, we use a proprietary method involving gentle indirect heat and alcohol. Our system is closed-loop, meaning we produce near zero waste—after we process one batch of fish, the materials are recovered to process the next batch.

Because our facility is located in California, most of our electricity is supplied by solar. Our carbon footprint is smaller than any other protein powder, even plant-based ones. We plan to be in California for the long haul, keeping jobs in the U.S. and “Made in USA” on our packaging.

Our processing facility has the potential to radically change seafood consumption and marine conservation by reducing fish waste and making the ocean more sustainable for the creatures that live in it and the people that rely on it.

Fish waste

Each year, 10 million tons of unwanted fish are discarded at sea by fishermen. A further 15 million tons of fish are caught specifically for the purpose of feeding livestock and other animals. That’s 25 million tons of fish per year not consumed by humans. With malnutrition affecting over 800 million people, that food could go a long way to alleviate human suffering.

The problem is that the 25 million tons of fish are not popular in seafood markets. For example, the global demand for eating anchovy is far lower than the amount caught so most anchovy is turned into fishmeal for livestock feed or fertilizer. When fish is processed into fishmeal, it is ground up, cooked, and dried. It is smelly, gross, and unfit for human consumption. But what if we could turn that excess anchovy into something worth eating? Instead of cows reaping the nutritional benefits of seafood, people do?

No more wasted fish!

We currently use sustainable Pacific whiting fish as our protein base, but have the ability to use any fish source—this is what is so exciting about our proprietary SEAVIOR system.

We developed the SEAVIOR processing method to reduce fish into a virtually tasteless, odorless powder that maintains the macro and micronutrient profile of seafood. Our alternative protein can be mixed into soups, sauces, drinks or smoothies; baked with, or processed into other foods like pasta, noodles, or burger & meat substitutes. The potential is limitless.

Turning 25 million tons of wasted fish into food products will radically change the world. Eliminating food waste is an important part of making the planet sustainable; our plan to eliminate wasted fish and turn it into delicious food products for consumers will reduce unsustainable bycatch and provide added income to fishermen.

Making the planet more sustainable and improving ocean conservation while maintaining fisherman livelihoods is an important part of our ethic. Buying our products supports that ethic. Come join us on our mission to make protein and nutrition more sustainable.

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