The Global Protein Industry Changes Forever With the Launch of A Perfect Protein® “APP®” From Advance Protein

LIVERMORE, Calif., May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Advance Protein, a health-forward manufacture of a marine-based protein isolate for nutritional food, has redefined the protein industry with APP®. No, it’s not the latest smartphone app, this APP® stands for “A Perfect Protein”, a groundbreaking source of protein that offers manufacturers an industry edge while improving the well-being of their customers. Thanks to the marine-based APP® powder, food manufacturers can create protein-enhanced products using the most nutritious and sustainable protein ingredient in the market. 


From an environmental perspective, APP® is more sustainable than plant-based or whey-proteins. 
Plant-based proteins require tremendous amounts of freshwater, arable land, pesticides, and fertilizers – while whey is especially high in carbon emissions. Using 100% certified, sustainable fish as a protein source gives APP® a clear environmental advantage over other protein powders.

“Advance Protein’s ultimate goal is to help manufacturers develop nutritious protein products to everyone, while reducing negative environmental impact, thereby unleashing and harnessing the natural and sustainable protein resources from the oceans across the globe,” says Mazi Ghorbani, Founder & CEO, Advance Protein. 

Advance Protein has developed a patented technology system, Seavior®, to produce APP®. It requires no fresh water or harsh chemical consumption and produces low-to-zero waste. It generates a much smaller carbon footprint than any other protein manufacturer. This discovery has been recognized as game-changing for food manufacturers.

From A Nutrition Perspective, APP® has a much better health outcome.
The macro and micronutrients (minerals) profile of APP® outperforms the micronutrient composition of plant-based or whey protein sources, due to the higher mineral content. APP® is a 90% protein isolate, enhanced by naturally occurring amino acids and marine collagen. These minerals and vitamins are not added to APP®, so they are more easily absorbed by our bodies.

APP® contains a balanced composition of the nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. It is highly digestible, holding a perfect PDCAAS score of 1.0.

From A Humanitarian Perspective, APP® is a key-resource in the fight against malnourishment among children. 
The unique health benefits of APP® protein were studied by scientists from Oregon State University. APP® was recognized as the most efficient and cost-effective way to remedy malnutrition in children. With the well-being of children in mind, Advance Protein created the Protein-4-Kids giveback program to fight malnutrition and world hunger. For every kilogram of APP® that Advance Protein sells, the company donates protein for one child’s daily meal.

“Advance Protein’s core belief is to use the power of our products to systematically and effectively fight word hunger in children and adults worldwide,” explains Mazi Ghorbani, Founder & CEO of Advance Protein.

APP®is an industry-changing solution that enables manufacturing and non-profit organizations to encourage health-eating, fight malnutrition among children and care for the planet.

Advance Protein is an entrepreneurial, California-based manufacturer that has developed a marine-based protein isolate for human nutritional and pet food. The site’s proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area provides convenient access to a major hub of distribution, technology, and key market channels.

Source: PR Newswire