Watch: The Perfect Protein by Andy Sharpless Trailer

The Perfect Protein is a guide to the power of the ocean. Andy Sharpless explains how wild seafood can combat world hunger and malnutrition, while being responsibly harvested in a way that protects the ocean and fosters marine biodiversity.

“Seafood is truly one of the world’s renewable resources…fish are astonishingly fecund and resilient.”

Andy Sharpless

You can read about our sustainability and giveback initiatives to learn more about how Advance International’s mission aligns with the sustainable seafood vision laid out in The Perfect Protein.

In a provocative and welcome new book for seafood and ocean lovers everywhere, Andy Sharpless, CEO of Oceana, together with his co-author, Suzannah Evans, reveals how eating more seafood is not only good for our health but can also help to save the planet. He explains how wild fish really are the perfect protein.